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State of Greed
Jun 03, 2018
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State of Greed

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Sun, Jun 03, 2018

Whoooooooaaaaaaa! A game post!!!! Wut WUUUT!?!?!?

Post-apocalyptic subject matters have been prevalent for the last few years. Zombies have become less popular, but the interest still remains! I'm terrible at these types of games, but State of Decay 2 has just the right amount of survival, managing a community, economy, fighting, pillaging, cars, and conflict with both humans and the infected, alike. It just illustrates yet again, the time-honored truth that humans are far more dangerous than any monster or calamity.

I remember first pillaging an enclave that I just helped through a crisis, and half expecting them to turn on me at any second. Paranoia much? For someone who doesn't care for zombie games, I'd recommend trying this one out. I merely wished to try it out, but 5 hours later, I was hooked.

Then came the zombie dreams.

Hopefully, more game posts to come!

~State of Decay 2 (Xbox One X)

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